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CoffeeWeight Loss

Rejoice coffee lovers - Stick to your cup of joe & shed extra pounds!

Rejoice coffee lovers - Stick to your cup of joe & shed extra pounds!
If you are a coffee fanatic, you must know how much a wonder drug coffee is. With abundant clinical research already done and being done on its effects, it has been found beneficial in prevention of Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson’s disease and heart disease among many others. However, here’s a good news for all those struggling with weight management, coffee can remarkably accelerate the fat burning process.

Coffee beans are actually a fruit and are loaded with chemicals called flavonoids and caffeine. There are numerous flavonoids in coffee which have been proven to have anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-proliferative effects in our bodies.

Of all the powerful protective chemicals in these magic beans one particularly deserves the limelight.  Chlorogenic acid. This is normally present in the Green Coffee in good amounts when raw, however roasting reduces the content drastically. Chlorogenic acid enriched coffee (added to commonly available instant coffee) or green coffee extract supplements such as G-Lite can greatly aid in weight management.
The purported weight loss and anti-oxidant effects of Green Coffee bean extract (GCE) is why it has been marketed as a product to assist in weight loss (obviously along with exercise and lifestyle changes) building upon the idea that the extract will have greater concentrations of these beneficial compounds. Lite Plus is another effective weight loss supplement, organically formulated with green coffee beans extract.
Too much information to digest? Don’t worry, it’s time to discuss what actual benefits your favorite coffee beans can provide in terms of weight loss and management.
The clinical studies have shown coffee bean extract supplements like C-Lite to assist in weight loss by affecting the metabolic parameters in different aspects. A few metabolic effects of green coffee extract in studies are as under:1
  1. Improves blood sugar markers
  2. Reduces fat storage in the liver
  3. Increases ‘burning’ and utilization of fat by the liver
  4. Increases the resting metabolic rate of the body thus burning more calories at rest.

Something even more interesting related to coffee bean extract has been highlighted in a recent study. It has shown to significantly reduce abdominal circumference, total abdominal fat and also the fat inside the abdomen, and reduced BMI2. Amazing, isn’t it? So, why not give a try to coffee bean extract supplements available in market. Lite Plus is another form of 100% organic green coffee beans extract and is definitely a must-try.
For those who already enjoy their regular cup of joe, they can continue to do so. Just make sure you drink as per your body’s tolerance to the effects of caffeine. Some people tolerate more coffee as compared to others who are caffeine sensitive. Regular instant and roasted coffee have good amounts of antioxidants & caffeine which along with giving you a much required boost throughout the day also give you protection against a lot of chronic diseases. It does have beneficial effects on our metabolic profiles from blood sugars to cholesterol metabolism and reduces appetite and changes fat distribution over the body. However, these effects vary from person to person due to variations in how our bodies use the coffee contents.
For weight loss, we would obviously recommend stringent dietary and lifestyle changes and if you want to turbo charge the process then green coffee beans extract supplements like C-Lite can boost you to your goals. For those who want to go the extra mile, you can talk to your Physician regarding Green Coffee bean extract to add some oomph to your weight losing ambitions.
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