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Do You Need Vitamin Supplementation?

Do You Need Vitamin Supplementation?

Our lives are in a constant rush these days and often it’s a struggle to maintain optimal health and be productive. Being overworked, sleeplessness, and imbalanced nutrition all lead to a multitude of problems that spring up over time and may follow an insidious course. Problems include a weak immune system to fight off infections, the development of metabolic disorders like Diabetes Mellitus, and sexual dysfunction.

The general rule here is to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease in the first place, or at least give it our best shot. First and foremost is what we eat. As they say ‘We are what we eat.’ Try to eat balanced meals with a mix of veggies, starches, fruits, nuts, and lean protein (red or white meat). Getting enough hours of a shuteye is vital to healing and repair. Finally, try to take it easy in your daily matters. Stress can be a precipitant for innumerable diseases and mental health problems. Having mentioned the above it is important to stress the importance of adding vitamins & micronutrients to your diet which supplement all the nutrition you are getting from food. 


People who are physically and mentally in rigorous routines, athletes, Pregnant & lactating women ( after consultation with your OB/GY), those with sexual dysfunction, and those recovering from illnesses. I would iterate the importance of discussing with your Physician regarding starting a multivitamin, especially when you have underlying diseases for which are your medication, since drugs and supplements may have interactions.


Multivitamin preparations usually contain a combo of different compounds. Antioxidants (Vitamins A, C and E, Zinc, and Selenium) plus minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and so forth). Many combinations also contain herb extracts for example silymarin (liver protective antioxidant). However, many herbs do not have any scientific evidence for their use in particular conditions so make sure you double-check with your physician when you start taking such a supplement

One important tip to take home while selecting a vitamin is to look at the RDA (recommended daily allowance). Which shows how much of the daily recommended intake of that vitamin or mineral is in a serving of this preparation. This is where It can be flexible for the person popping the pills. Since the manufacturers recommend you take 3-4 pills every day to achieve the proportion mentioned on the label, it can get cumbersome guzzling them down. As we are constantly getting minerals and vitamins from our food, we may not necessarily need to take the full Monty. Remember, these supplements are meant to ‘supplement’ your diet and not be the primary source of vitamins & minerals. According to your daily caloric intake, and the quality of food you take, you can tweak your supplement intake, upping it in times of increased bodily demand.

In a nutshell, supplements can boost your vigor and overall, well-being provided you intend to do what they are meant for, ‘SUPPLEMENT’ your diet and lifestyle. Select your supplements wisely, tailored to your requirements, consult your Physician especially if you have underlying diseases, and be sensible in their intake.

About the Author:

Dr Syed Hunain Riaz is a physician with expertise in managing disorders of the Metabolic and Endocrine Systems. Please click here to book an appointment

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